Since Poseidonia 2016, we talk with many police or military men, who like to work as Maritime Security Officer (MSO) on board of a vessel sailing in a High Risk Area. The core task of the MSO is to safeguard crew, cargo and ship. Some candidates with the right experience qualify as Team Leader.

Most of the men that we invite to our office are highly motivated to do this job far away from home, because of the payment, which is significantly better than in the job where they come from. However, not everyone passes the MSO-job interview.

Next to a five-year experience, one needs to be able to speak and write English, since OCA’s Maritime Security candidates will have to work within international crews. This is why OCA organizes a special Maritime Survival English course. There are two modules, each of two weeks, three lessons per week. Costs 100$ Sign up, upfront!

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