Enjoy Odessa’s delights, we’ll invite you to this beautiful city You’ll visit various touristic spots, like the world famous Potemkin steps, the Opera House, the Black Sea (port) and more. You can indulge yourself into the notorious night life of Odessa, while dinning at one of the most exquisite restaurants. Rest assured, this will be one of the most exciting trips you’ve ever made! FULL ARRANGEMENT: We fly you from

There is apparently a positive outlook in the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and other hot spots across the globe, as reports confirmed relative peace being enjoyed in some maritime crime prone routes. The Gulf of Guinea, South East Asia and The Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) have all experienced significant reductions in reported maritime crimes throughout July, August and September this year. However, the improving

We’ve started working according to West European recruitment standards to comply with the restructuring of the industry. E.g. Next year container freight rates are not expected to rise dramatically amid competition between container alliances, which puts a huge pressure on recruiters. They simply have to deliver the best quality candidates to prevent off-hire. Consequently, we focus on a high retention rate. Next to this, by installing a maritime payment system,

The city of Amsterdam has more than a hundred kilometers of canal winding their way through the municipality. The Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) has announced a research initiative to explore possible functions of  the Roboat, floating robot vehicles. “Imagine a fleet of autonomous boats for the transportation of goods and people,” said MIT’s Carlo Ratti, a principal investigator in the research program. The program has the delightfully straightforward name

Since Poseidonia 2016, we talk with many police or military men, who like to work as Maritime Security Officer (MSO) on board of a vessel sailing in a High Risk Area. The core task of the MSO is to safeguard crew, cargo and ship. Some candidates with the right experience qualify as Team Leader. Most of the men that we invite to our office are highly motivated to do this

On Tuesday, July, 20, a group of ten Maritime Security Officers and Team Leaders was put together by Odessa Crewing Agency (OCA). The men will be employed by Patriot Risk Management, of which OCA has become the exclusive recruiter since its management visited Posidonia 2016. “For most of these people this opportunity implies a career move, and we really like that they get the job,” say Ferdinand, OCA’s Recruitment Services Director.


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