Enjoy Odessa’s delights, we’ll invite you to this beautiful city

You’ll visit various touristic spots, like the world famous Potemkin steps, the Opera House, the Black Sea (port) and more. You can indulge yourself into the notorious night life of Odessa, while dinning at one of the most exquisite restaurants. Rest assured, this will be one of the most exciting trips you’ve ever made!

FULL ARRANGEMENT: We fly you from a major airport in Europe to Odessa, where you stay five days in a five star accommodation. During your visit to the city, we’ll show you around.

Odessa, at the Black Sea, is a port city where about 30% of the inhabitants live of the sea. It’s here where we help you find some of the best seafarers who’ll be able to enlighten your crewing operations. Some do, and some don’t know this, and therefore we’d like to invite you to this beautiful city.

You might qualify for our wonderful city trip arrangement when you consider our excellent recruitment services, being lead by Ferdinand, our recruitment director from West-Europe. All you need to do is to contact him (+38 063 807 90 40 or mail to: ferdinand@ocrewing.com) and place a request for 3 officers and/or 6 ratings, which you allow us to execute appropriately (*).

(*) The action period is from 14, November, 2016 till 1, June, 2017.

PS Our rates are very competitive, while we always focus on quality!




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